Terms of Service

Last updated: Oct 30, 2019

This handbook covers our policies for our customers and was created to foster the best experiences for both our customers and the Bollycurves team. 

All Customers

The preferred form of communication with the Bollycurves team is via text - 713-999-6212. You can also email us hello@bollycurves.com  

Duration: The duration of each class is 50 minutes, unless otherwise specified.

Late for Class: If you are late for a class, please ensure that your entry is not a disturbance to the rest of the class. 

Cell phone: Students are requested to put their cell phones on silent mode during the class. Parents please ensure that there are no distractions during the virtual class and the electronic device to access the class is charged.

Yoga classes: Please bring your yoga mat or rent one for $3.

Missed Classes: Missed classes cannot be made up. Bollycurves reserves the right to cancel any class at any time, at its discretion.

Membership fees: Monthly Membership and associated transaction fee is paid on the day of becoming a member and then on the same day of each month as AUTOPAY. The monthly membership fee will be charged automatically each month until you cancel the monthly membership by notifying us (hello@bollycurves.com) 15 calendar days before the next automatic payment. Your membership will not be automatically paused due to inactivity. NO REFUNDS or CREDITS will be provided upon cancellation.  If the fees are not paid in full, the student will not be allowed to attend the class, and a late fee of $10 will be charged. Our payment provider does not provide email receipts. There are NO REFUNDS. 

Cancellation of Membership: You can NOT pause your monthly membership, instead you can cancel the membership. All cancellation notices are to be provided in writing via email (hello@bollycurves.com) or text (713-999-6212). You will be responsible for the Registration Fee for reactivation of your monthly membership. Any unused classes must be redeemed within 30 days of terminating your monthly membership. A $15 cancellation fee will be charged if the cancellation request has been made less than 15 calendar days of the next payment.

Termination of Membership by Bollycurves: We may terminate your monthly membership plan without any notice at any time if you breached or are believed to have breached Bollycurves Agreement, or for any other reasons. You will NOT receive a credit or refund. 

Program Management: Bollycurves reserves the right to change its instructors, class sizes, class levels, rules and regulations without prior notice in its sole and absolute discretion at any time.

Waiver: See our liability waiver, for more details. The participant must be medically fit. In case of any medical condition needing special attention, the same must be mentioned in writing and a NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from your physician must be attached. We are barefoot at the studio. You may wear non-skid socks. You must inform the instructor of any health conditions. We guide our students to follow correct technique with body movements and Bollycurves is not responsible for any injury caused in the studio.

Bollycurves reserves the right to change its terms and conditions any time in its sole and absolute discretion.

Kids Addendum:

This portion of the handbook corresponds to students taking any of the Kid’s Classes

Communication: We will only communicate with only the parent whose contact information is in our records. If you prefer communication via email, please let us know.

Placement: New students will be assessed and placed in an appropriate class based on their skill level. Bollycurves reserves the right to move the students from one class level to another class based on the student’s learning curve and growth, at any time as we may determine at our discretion.

During class: In order to minimize distractions, we ask that parents to stay outside the studio.

Dance Class Attire:
Hair: Neatly tied back away from your face
Top: T-shirt/vest/leotard
Bottoms: Stretch pants/Gym pants/tights/yoga pants
Footwear: Bare feet/may wear non-skid socks
Please bring a water bottle

Pick Up Policy: Students should be picked up by their parent/guardian at the end of the class.

Practice: Children are encouraged to practice at home. Their learning ability dictates the pace and content of their class. Our choreography will be recorded and uploaded to the corresponding class Facebook group for your child to practice. Please ensure you and your child have access to it.

Absence: During mandatory performance practice, if a student misses more than two classes, the student may not be allowed to participate in the showcase. Missed classes cannot be made up unless you have the rollover add-on (additional $15 per month). Bollycurves reserves the right to cancel any class at any time, at its discretion.

Performance: Bollycurves reserves the right to allow the child to perform at events and showcases.

Costumes: Costumes for performances can be bought or rented at Bollycurves’ discretion. Purchased costumes cannot be returned. Rented costumes must be dry cleaned, and returned within 7 days of the performance or incur a $20 fee.

Using Bollycurves Choreography: Parents/guardian (for kids younger than 18 years) or Students will require to obtain written permission from Bollycurves, if he or she wishes to reproduce, use or transmit in any form, any of the Dance routines taught to them in class, in part or in whole for any commercial or other purposes learned through Bollycurves.

Media: See our media consent form, for more details. Bollycurves reserves the right to photograph, film, or videotape performances and practices and post it on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.