Bollywood Wedding Dance

Whether you're looking to hire or learn a Bollywood wedding dance, we’ll personalize it to your expectations.

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Why choose us for your Indian Wedding dance?

Our Bollywood Wedding dance choreography is centered around the wedding theme and colors.

We don't template our dances. The dance is choreographed to your expectations.

If elegance and grace are important to you, click the button below.  

Indian wedding dances

Who's dancing?

We can teach you choreography or you can hire us to perform:

⇝ First dance
⇝ Family dance
⇝ Bridal Party dance
⇝ Sangeet dance
⇝ Hire us to perform

Not in Houston?

We'll do live online lessons and send you practice videos as supplement.

Questions? text us!


1. who's dancing?

What are you looking for in your wedding dance?

Will the wedding party be dancing or are you looking to hire performers?


How can we meet your mark? Is there a preferred song and style? What’s the wedding theme? Anything else to make your wedding dance the one to remember?

Don’t know yet? That’s fine, call us.

3. Execution

If you’re learning a dance with us, we’ll go at your ability and pace.

If you’re hiring us, we’ll send you a video of the dance so you know exactly what to expect.

For our non-Houston gigs, we'll do live lessons + videos as supplement.