Bollywood-American Workouts, kid's Dance, & Yoga Therapy

50-minute personalized classes by expert teachers who focus on you.

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It's like having your own personal trainer

Hello. We’re Bollycurves, a family owned Bollywood and Yoga studio in Houston.

If you're like most people, you're probably getting less exercise than your doctor recommends. You probably already have a gym membership or are trying to do it on your own. Is it working?

Are you doing the same exercise as everyone else? Why? Every person has different injuries and limitations that need to be worked around. We're here to work with you at your pace.


There's no compromise on posture. Each movement is done correctly and modified around your abilities and injuries.

small classes
We keep our classes small, so we can focus on you. If you can't do a movement, we'll help you go at your own pace, and reach your milestones.

Purposeful movements
It's not about fancy poses. Our movements are targeted to make your daily activities easier.

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We care. How much? While we were stuck at home during COVID-19 we converted our group classes into virtual private 1-on-1s. You're unique. You still need that personalized experience.

"Bollycurves has been an amazing outlet for my child while we've been stuck at home. I was skeptical about how they would be able to engage such young children virtually, but its been working! .... awesome instructor and even got my kid to practice on her own. I highly recommend trying them out."

Paula Parikh - Google Review →

Come in for your first free session, and you'll see the difference.

Don't take our word for it. hear it from them.

For my first time, it was a lot of fun! It was a good mixture of work out and Bollywood dance moves. The instructor was nice and energetic. She paid attention to us and corrected our posture frequently... Overall a lot of fun :) will definitely try again!

Clara Bell - Google Review →

…It was not only a great workout, but it was fun too! It really exceeded my expectations. The instructor was very friendly and energetic. She really adjusts to how everyone in the class is doing to ensure we all followed and understood the moves. I also enjoyed the music selection and the studio is nice as well. I'll definitely be back to try the yoga class next…. I would give it a try. There's no need to be intimidated!

Marisa  Sookraj - Google Review →

Enjoyed taking my 9 yr old daughter to her first dance class ever. The instructor Mimi made her feel very comfortable and took time to learn my expectations. My daughter is looking forward to going to dance class 😊👍🏻

Annie Zachariah - Facebook Review →

This Bollywood fitness studio is so cute, convenient, and definitely a hidden gem in the Ford Bend area. I love the upbeat energy and the dance style … as well as the small class sizes since the fitness instructor is able to give more individualized attention :)! The frequency and amount of workout sessions offered … makes it convenient and flexible to attend class according to your own schedule.

Houstonian GIRL - Google Review →