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Exceptional Bollywood-American Workout,
Designed for You.
this may be unfamiliar territory
honest guidance, no judgement

This is no ordinary fitness workout. Rather than do things the typical way, we've created a fitness routine around your needs. We make it simple to reach your realistic fitness goals. How? Simple. By providing you a range of options, and personalized guidance around your injuries, and goals. Each class is 50 minutes.

Miss a class? No worries. You can make it up anytime. Our rollover classes never expire.

We believe everyone needs a space to be present, find comfort, and be challenged, Among our struggles, a place to be vulnerable. We're so sure of ourselves, that your first class is on us.

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Really easy to follow her steps. Leads you through it very well. I had never done Bollywood dance before, and she made it really fun and not intimidating. Great teacher!

- Kendal M

Her ability to care and help others is great. She has helped me increase my balance. She is very nice love her class.

- Pamela S

When I first started the class I was very out of shape and was afraid it would be too hard. Three weeks later, I’ve already lost seven pounds and I have more energy than I’ve had in years! This class has motivated me to change my level of activity and diet. The instructors are great and make the class where anyone at any fitness level can participate.

- Jeni W

I expected to not sweat, but at the end of the session, I had my jacket off and beads of sweat on my face. She has so much energy and patience that it was hard to not feel motivated.

- Uchenna I

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