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Yoga Therapy For Weight Loss

Yoga sessions led by Nurse Practitioner

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"if I can give 10 stars I would"

"it is like exercising in disguise"


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How we're different


If you can't do a movement, we'll help you go at your own pace.

Small Class

We keep our classes small, so we can focus on you.

Purposeful Movements

Our movements are functional to make your daily activities easier.

Yoga Therapy Classes in Houston

What is a Yoga Therapy class?

Looking for yoga near me? Flexibility is not required to practice yoga. The focus is not on how fast you do, but how well you do. Yoga poses make your daily activities easier.

After one 60 min yoga session, you will notice increased balance and flexibility, improved form and reduced muscle tightness.

How we're different?

Unlike other yoga studios, we keep our class small to correct your posture. You're not just a number, our instructors know you by name. We focus on movement that works around injuries or pain. You do not need to be flexible to attend our yoga classes.

What's in the class?

When you walk-in we'll discuss your goals and injuries are. We work on loosening tight muscles and alleviating pains. After one yoga session, you will notice increased balance, flexibility, and reduced muscle tightness.

Walk away with increased flexibility, relaxed tight muscles, and decreased pain

"Her ability to care and help others is great. She has helped me increase my balance. She is very nice love her class."

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Modified just for you

Each class starts off by addressing your problematic areas. Yoga Therapy for beginners and pros.

"...She paid attention to us and corrected our posture frequently"

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Life changing results.

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"This is an amazing place for yoga. Everyone who works there is professional and kind. I have never done yoga before and am grateful for Sheila’s patience with me. Shelia is an amazing yoga instructor who makes sure we are getting the maximum benefit from our class. Mimi is awesome and always communicates with you personally when you arrive and answers questions when needed. I highly recommend you try any of their classes."

Alysia McClung - Yoga Therapy

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"Shiela’s yoga classes have been a game changer for me. It’s helped so much with my physical pain and feeling better/more peaceful in general..."

Danica Ali - Yoga Therapy

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"I have never taken yoga classes before. I recently started the yoga therapy class, and I'm hooked.  I have arthritis and degenerative disc disease so the individualized attention & modifications really  help. Sheila is so positive and encouraging. I leave class feeling empowered and affirmed."

Joellen Piskura - Yoga Therapy

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"I love Bollycurves! It is like exercising in disguise! You are having such a good time that you don’t even realize you are actually are working out! ... The instructors are amazing, nice, and very professional! I highly recommend Bollycurves because it is doable for anyone and you will enjoy the experience!"

Delores Whiteing - Bollywood Cardio & Yoga Therapy

prestean yoga therapy review
"Has helped me with my sciatica..."

Prestean Hicks - Yoga Therapy

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"Helped me increase my balance. She is very nice love her class"

Pamela Stewart - Yoga Therapy

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"Our instructor guides us through the different poses...She is interested in helping us modify poses based on our abilities and she adjusts her teachings to accommodate a specific need"

Joanne Gore - Yoga Therapy

Class Format


• Live class!
• Real-time modifications
• Join from the convenience and comfort of your home.
• Go at your own pace.
• Movements modified work around your injuries/goals
• Weekly check-ins
• Smaller classes


• Real-time modifications
• Go at your own pace.
• Movements modified work around your injuries/goals
• Weekly check-ins
• Smaller classes

Personalized Adult Membership (Zoom or In-person)

You can cancel anytime.

the difference:

Movements are modified by the instructor to work around your injuries/goals

Weekly check-ins

Use equipment such as resistance bands, yoga balls, weights etc.

Smaller classes

For first-time customers only: $50 Registration fee will be waived if you sign up within 24 hours of your first class.