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Health Benefits of Yoga Therapy

Enjoy your time on the mat, so you will be motivated to keep going back for more! Have realistic expectations. Do not expect yourself to be perfect. Try yoga for minor kinks or chronic pain.ย 

Consult a physician for serious pain.

Invest in yourself!

Pause to Pose! Physicians recommend yoga for physical, physiological and psychological benefits. Regular practice helps to increase strength and mobility. Yoga also helps to increase mindfulness and confidence. It reduces anxiety and stress. Yoga does not mean shoulder stand, head stand or other pretzel poses. Yoga is all about you. Practice simple yoga poses at your own pace and flexibility. Studies and experiences have shown health benefits of yoga. Here are few of them:

Yoga for pain relief
Studies have shown that yoga and meditation improves neck, shoulder and back pain. Yoga improves pain due to arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer and other chronic conditions. Regular practice helps to improve pain and grip in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

2. Yoga for better sleep
Improved pain means better sleep, which in turn improves concentration and memory.ย 

3. Yoga improves flexibility
Tight hamstrings can cause low back pain. During the first class you may not be able to touch your toes or be flexible as others in the class. As you continue to practice the poses will become easier with improved flexibility. You will notice aches and pains gradually disappear. Sleep improves, and improved emotional connection.
4. Yoga improves posture
Constant sitting, bending and twisting the spine can take a toll on your spine health. As you slump the normal curvature of neck and spine becomes compensated. It leads to poor posture. Neck, shoulder and low back pain and joint pain are due to poor posture. As you routinely practice yoga, you will notice improved posture. Improved posture means reduced neck, shoulder and back pain. This in turn improves sleep and confidence.

5. Yoga for weight loss
Yoga helps with weight management by burning calories, reducing stress, and cortisol levels. It improves self esteem and encourages healthy habits.
6. Yoga increases muscle strength
Who wants to be on pain medicine and not be able to do anything because of arthritis? Poses like utkatasana andย  tadasana helps to improve muscle strength and flexibility. This improves mobility of joints like knees, ankles, wrist andย fingers.

7. Yoga improves lung function
Pranayama and asanas improve lung capacity and function by deep breathing. This helps to ease symptoms of asthma.

8. Yoga improves bone healthย 
Osteoporosis and elevated cortisol level is attributed to stress. Have arthritis and osteoporosis, yoga is a great option for you! While practicing yoga you work with your own body weight. Since there is no external weight involved you have a good control over the poses. In other words, you decide how far and what pace you do! Poses like utkatasana, malasana, tadasana helps to build leg muscle strength.

9. Yoga improves spine health
Engaging in forward folds, side bends, supported backbends strengthens the muscles supporting the spine. This helps to keep the discs supple and vertebrae mobile.ย 
10.ย Yoga for improved memory
Studies have shown that regular yoga and pranayama practice improves concentration and memory.ย 
11. Yoga for arthritis
Vinyasa yoga and Ashtanga yoga help create strong muscles to aid joints that have arthritis. Yoga is not only safe for those with arthritis but also aids with pain and stiffness. In fact, the American College of Rheumatology published that activity aids with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

12. Yoga for stress
Hatha yoga acts as a great stress reliever with slow and simple moves. Yoga helps reduce blood pressure, depression, insomnia, and mental stress. Not only is it a great form of physical exercise but mental as well.

13. Yoga for tight muscle
Yoga helps loosen tight muscles while increasing flexibility, improving balance, and form. It aids in strengthening muscles that have weakened from a sedentary lifestyle. Yoga increases range of motion and stretches stiff muscles.

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