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Benefits of Kid's Yoga

Kids learn yoga using their imagination. Engaging in games, using plants and animals to learn various poses. But what's the benefit?

Kids yoga offer physical, and emotional benefits. Yoga is a way to improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and classroom behavior. Β Kids yoga Β reduce anxiety and stress in children. Let’s break it down further.

‍Kids yoga helps with concentration and memory
Research has shown that yoga helps to improve ADHD symptoms. One of the greatest benefits of yoga is that different yoga poses allows child to focus and improve their memory. Both of these translates into improving their academic performance. It helps to improve their attention span.

‍Kids Yoga helps with Anxiety
Over 4 million children between the ages of 3 and 17 are diagnosed with anxiety. Some are still undiagnosed. Engaging in various yoga poses, meditation, and breathing techniques helps fight anxiety. Yoga helps to improve mental health, well-being, and improve sleep.

‍Kid’s Yoga for Confidence and improved self-esteem
Studies have shown regular yoga practice reduces anxiety, depression, and improve self-esteem. Little accomplishments such as maintaining a pose or being able to achieve balance goes a long way. Yoga creates a progressive attitude to hard-to-do activities.

‍Kid’s Yoga for Flexibility
Yoga allows them to move their bodies in various planes, improving flexibility and range of motion. This improves coordination and balance. All these help to reduce their chance of injury.

‍Kid's Yoga for strength
Studies have shown that kids who practice yoga routinely have improved physical health and strength.

‍Kid’s Yoga for Emotional Regulation
Simple breathing exercises help kids manage bursts of energy and control hard to manage emotions. It teaches discipline and reduces impulsive behavior. Research has shown that regular yoga practice helps with depression.

‍Kid's yoga to encourage healthy habits
Yoga teaches the right mindset. This help encourages healthy eating habits and lifestyle at a very young age.

‍Kid's Yoga for Inclusion
Kid's yoga is a non-competitive sport. It allows kids who don't enjoy competitive games to feel included without being left behind. Each kid learns the poses and techniques at their pace and comfort level.

Overall, yoga is great way for kids to feel fit and confident. If you're looking for yoga for kids in Missouri City, book your free class!