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Letter from our founders

Our Story

Hi, I'm Mimi and I'm the founder of Bollycurves. I can't write transition paragraphs, so here's our story:

My mom had injured her shoulder, wasn't active and unable to resume her fitness schedule. She gradually began to gain weight, feel anxious and depressed.  We were trying to find a fitness program to work around her injuries.

With many choices of fitness programs, they were not focused on our individual needs. We were doing the same workout as everyone else, regardless of our skill level and injuries. If each one of us is unique, why aren’t the fitness classes? The workouts soon got boring because of the same repetitive steps, and my mom was not able to do some of them due to her injuries. Anytime we tried out a new program, we experienced pressure tactics to sign up. This wasn't what fitness was supposed to be. It was supposed to be enjoyable.

So we decided, why not do it on our own. We decided to create a fitness program which is personalized to meet individual needs and levels. Mimi has 15+ years of Bollywood dance training and experience. Shiela has 25+ years of experience practicing medicine and yoga for over 20 years.

Bollycurves is a women owned, mother-daughter duo studio. With our passion to bring something different, we created a workout based on the foundation of Bharatanatyam, western-fusion, cinematic, hip-hop, jazz, and ballet. Our classes are unique, small, and tailored to meet your needs.  Whether you are a beginner or a professional, adult or child, there is a class for everyone .

No pressure tactics to sign up. Your first class is on us.

Whether you are happy at your current studio or are looking for a new studio, give Bollycurves a chance. We know you'll love it.

And if, for any reason, you don't think Bollycurves is the best thing for you, let us know. We'd be more than happy to find or recommend a place that's right for you.

Mimi, Shiela, and Visak

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