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"I love Bollycurves! It is like exercising in disguise! You are having such a good time that you don’t even realize you are actually are working out! ... The instructors are amazing, nice, and very professional! I highly recommend Bollycurves because it is doable for anyone and you will enjoy the experience!"

Delores Whiteing - Bollywood Cardio & Yoga Therapy

"The adult Bollywood dance class is a great place to dance just for fun! The atmosphere is friendly and non-judgemental, and the choreography is the perfect blend of enjoyable and challenging. You feel like the instructors really care about you. :)"

Laura Arnold - Bollywood Adult Dance Classes

"Bollycurves is a great place to learn some killer dance moves and lose calories at the same time. The trainer Vismita (Mimi) is a really nice dancer and helps us throughout the process of learning. She also takes feedback well and tailors the experience to our needs. Would recommend for all ages."

Ronald Joseph - Adult Bollywood Dance Class

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"Bollycurves is so much fun! I took the Adult Bollywood class while I was visiting Houston and had a blast! Everyone is so kind and welcoming! I felt like I fit right in! They are flexible with new members, and the choreography is a perfect blend of challenging and beginner friendly!I especially appreciated how the teacher took the time to show and point out different techniques for different Indian styles. “This is Bhangra, this is Bollywood…” it really showcased their experience and professionalism!"

Julianne Binns - Bollywood Dance Class for Adults

person avatar
"This is an amazing place for yoga. Everyone who works there is professional and kind. I have never done yoga before and am grateful for Sheila’s patience with me. Shelia is an amazing yoga instructor who makes sure we are getting the maximum benefit from our class. Mimi is awesome and always communicates with you personally when you arrive and answers questions when needed. I highly recommend you try any of their classes."

Alysia McClung - Yoga Therapy

Annie Bollywood dance for kids review
"Enjoyed taking my 9 yr old daughter to her first dance class ever...made her feel very comfortable and took time to learn my expectations. My daughter is looking forward to going to dance class 😊👍🏻..."

Annie Zachariah - Bollywood Kids Class

person avatar
"I have been going to Bollycurves for a little over a month now and I really enjoy it! The class is amazing and the instructor is encouraging and very patient. If you want to learn Bollywood style dancing I highly suggest trying out Bollycurves!"

Muneera Kabani - Bollywood Dance for Adults

Jeni Bollywood Dance Cardio Review
"I’ve already lost seven pounds and I have more energy than I’ve had in years! This class has motivated me to change my level of activity and diet..."

Jeni Washington - Bollywood Cardio

person avatar
"I have never taken yoga classes before. I recently started the yoga therapy class, and I'm hooked.  I have arthritis and degenerative disc disease so the individualized attention & modifications really  help. Sheila is so positive and encouraging. I leave class feeling empowered and affirmed."

Joellen Piskura - Yoga Therapy

Seema Bollywood Dance Cardio Review
"This was such a fun class! I definitely worked up a sweat and got my heart rate going but it didn’t feel like work! Great music selection too! Instructor made sure to help those of us that needed it with form. Highly recommend...."

Seema Weinig - Bollywood Cardio

person avatar
"This is my fourth week at Bollycurves, and I really enjoy the class! The dance instructor has so much patience when teaching my sister, cousin, and I. I find it admirable that she has managed to teach us so much in a few weeks. The class itself is a lot of fun and stress free. I truly recommend this dance studio."

Siddra Kabani - Bollywood Dance for Kids

Angel Bollywood workout review
"Awesome yoga instructor ... Such an awesome full body workout! Good music and cardio- you’ll definitely be sweating by the end of it! Mimi is a fantastic instructor! She helps with correcting posture and tailoring the workouts to the groups goals. I’ve had a ton of fun while also working out! 😀..."

Angel Pious - Bollywood Cardio/Yoga Therapy

"If you’re considering reaching out to this studio, do it and don’t hesitate one more second.

Hands down the best experience and easiest process ever! We engaged with this team a couple weeks before our wedding after we realized there was NO way we’d be able to pull a dance together. We really wanted to take it to the next level and that’s exactly what we got!

We worked with Heather to coordinate the zoom sessions (incredibly accommodating) and with Vismita who helped us combine three songs together. Vismita met with us weekly over zoom and
we learned the dance section by section, she made it easy to approach and was incredibly encouraging. We are absolutely STOKED about the result and we will debut our dance this weekend, definitely going to knock the socks off of all our friends and family.

We have sent their contact information to our wedding planner and all of our friends (many) who are getting married and this year.

The only bummer is we won’t see Vismita weekly anymore!"

Amy & Ravi - Indian Wedding Choreography

person avatar
"Has been amazing!! They are awesome and professional! I love my instructor, she is so talented and wonderful and encourages me and guides me everyday in our practices! Highly recommend"

Stephanie Jacob - Indian Wedding Choreography

Sneha bollywood kids dance review
"Big difference I appreciate is... patiently teaching her the basics and ensuring my daughter understands... recognizing where my daughter’s weakness and strengths lay.... such an improvement in my daughters overall form, muscle memory, enjoyment, and eagerness to continue learning...."

Sneha Oommen - Bollywood Kids

"Loved our experience with Mimi and Bollycurves! They were very easy to work with and helped us come up with a dance choreography for our sangeet. Definitely will recommend to others!"

Samad Ali - Indian Wedding Choreography

Anu bollywood cardio review
"Excellent class! Instructions are easy to follow and fun. Would definitely recommend if you’re interested in a good way to exercise without feeling like you are working out..."

Anu Suresh Mathew - Bollywood Dance for Adults

Paula bollywood dance class for kids review
"An amazing outlet for my child while we've been stuck at home. I was skeptical about how they would be able to engage such young children virtually, but its been working! ... awesome instructor and even got my kid to practice on her own. I highly recommend trying them out...."

Paula Parikh - Bollywood Dance for Kids

person avatar
"Bollycurves is AMAZING. I would highly recommend them for wedding dance choreography. From start to finish the process has been seamless. They are prompt with communication and provided excellent song recommendations for the 3 minute song mix I envisioned. They mixed the songs and made sure I was satisfied every step of the way. My cousins and I have minimal to no dance experience and are located all around the country. While it may seem difficult to learn choreography via Zoom, with  Mimi's help, it was fun and easy. She tailored the dance to our abilities and made modifications on the fly. The video she sends promptly after each session is helpful for learning the dance after class. They are flexible with scheduling and made the process incredibly easy for us. I am so glad I chose Bollycurves for my choreography needs. Will definitely use them again in the future!"

Sonia Shastry - Indian Wedding Choreography

kranthi bollywood dance class for kids review
"Excellent sanitation and health practices. Mimi is really a miracle. Don’t know how but she is able to get my 2yr old daughter to follow her and learn the moves. Glad I chose this place"

Kranthi Sarika - Bollywood Kids

person avatar
"If you're thinking about starting a new workout routine that truly pushes you while you have fun, this is the place for you! The instructors are enthusiastic about what they do, and they genuinely care about how you feel about the class. They are also serious about keeping the place clean, well maintained, and everyone is distanced during classes."

S George - Bollywood Cardio

joanne yoga therapy review
"... Our instructor guides us through the different poses...She is interested in helping us modify poses based on our abilities and she adjusts her teachings to accommodate a specific need...."

Joanne Gore - Yoga Therapy

person avatar
"Shiela’s yoga classes have been a game changer for me. It’s helped so much with my physical pain and feeling better/more peaceful in general..."

Danica Ali - Yoga Therapy

person avatar
"We are having Bollycurves choreograph a "first dance" for our wedding reception and are very pleased with their help so far! They are very professional, responsive and flexible. Can't wait to see how it all turns out! Mimi is our instructor and did an amazing job teaching us the first half of the dance. Will be taking the other half soon. Thanks Bollycurves! Great value as well."

Ruchi A - Indian Wedding Choreography

person avatar
"My Bharatanatyam teacher Michelle is the best.  I started dancing after 20+ years and she is so patient and positive . That's what drives me to learn the dance."

Dee Vongole - Bharatanatyam

Akhila bollywood dance class for kids review
"My son enjoys going for classes. I appreciate how Mimi is willing to adjust the choreography based on the capabilities of kids. Post covid classes were held under strict precautions, with very few kids in each class. Strict masking and hand washing were practiced. I feel very comfortable sending my kid to Bollycurves."

Akhila Surya - Bollywood Dance for Kids

person avatar
"With my wedding fast approaching, I wanted to do a special bridal solo dance--as a beginner, Mimi has been able to help me by taking the songs ... of my choosing and break it down to learn week by week. I appreciate her patience & positivity as I become more confident learning this new routine!"

Raina Pandya - Indian Wedding Choreography

"Vismita was an absolute joy!  She was an awesome instructor and choreographed very creative dance moves.  She also was a great listener and a master at differentiating instruction for a variety of learners.  I totally recommend checking this studio out!"

Steven Shannon - Artistic Director of Houston Show Choir

person avatar
"Searched many places to find a place that will mix the songs that I wanted and make a 2:30 min video. One English song and one Bollywood song. My husband and I are awful dancers, and we really wanted something really simple to follow. First I sent them the videos and they created a dance and taught us the steps. It takes about 3-4 classes to learn a routine. The instructors are so patient. They even record your dance at the end give it to you so you can work on them. They're SUPER patient and will change steps around if something is hard to follow. And best of all they're just so nice. I highly recommend this place and can't wait to perform the dance at our reception."

Hads Maples - Indian Wedding Choreography

"When I went to the first session it surpassed my expectations. It worked my full body out and she adjusts the work outs to your goals, which I love the most. All the trainers are really friendly and I would definitely recommend this workout, especially the cultural aspect"

Angelina Zagon Escobedo - Facebook Review →

"Has really helped me with my sciatica. The experience was so good."

Prestean Hicks - Google Review →

"Went to  my first Bollycurves class today. It was not only a great workout, but it was  fun too! It really exceeded my expectations. The instructor was very friendly  and energetic. She really adjusts to how everyone in the class is doing to  ensure we all followed and understood the moves. I also enjoyed the music  selection and the studio is nice as well. I'll definitely be back to try the yoga class next. Even if you've never tried Bollywood style dance, I would give it a try. There's no need to be intimidated!"

Marisa  Sookraj - Google Review →

"Awesome instructor !! Full of energy and dedication. Instructions easy to follow and fun. Good weight loss and fitness class. Will surely recommend Bollycurves"

Reny George - Facebook Review →

"I enjoyed the class, the dancing was fun, fast paced our instructor was very  graceful."

Lori  Pompa - Facebook Review →

"Amazing energy and positivity of the teacher. Very patient with my little ones and very flexible with schedules. Easily adapts the movements based on our requests and ages."

Gayatri Aeddula - Facebook Review →

"Fun energetic and an all around good time"

Dwee Dub - Facebook Review →

I highly recommend this dance class for young kids! Vismita is an amazing teacher and my girls (6 and 3) enjoy coming every week to learn dance from her. They have learned confidence, technique, and discipline in this class and we are so excited for more things to come in this class. Thank you for being so kind, patient, and keeping the class very safe and enjoyable for my girls!

Sibyl Varghese - Google Review →

"It's a great way of exercising and team building!!!"

Carla  Sanders  - Facebook Review →

Bollycurves is awesome!  The instructor, Mimi (Vismita) is so attentive and knowledgeable!  She has really improved my daughter’s dance skills, flexibility, and endurance!

I have taken her cardio classes and it is quite the amazing workout!  Mimi listens to you but also pays attention to your body to modify the workout to make sure you are able to not only get a great work out BUT also be challenged!  All while maintaining the Bollywood grace!

So grateful Bollycurves in our area!  Highly, highly recommend!

Leeja Thomas  - Google Review →

"I tried out a Bollywood fitness class last week. I have done many dance fitness classes and done Bollywood classes but this had a stronger fitness component  and I felt sore afterwards. That is always a sign of a good workout. it was a one on one class which was helpful too as I felt encouraged and was able to learn the steps with her attention solely on me. The studio is clean and the owner is very particular about following precautions for COVID so the students masks are to be on the whole time and water breaks were allowed outside of the studio. I plan on returning and would recommend to others to try the class."

Sarah Ali - Google Review →

This was the first  class that my daughter and I attended. It was motivating, exciting, and so much fun. The instructors keeps the momentum going and goes on your pace when needed. It was a wonderful 45 minutes of workout!

Somy Thomas - Google Review →

Great workout always! Clean studio, very friendly and fun instructor. If you want to have a great time, get a good workout, and learn some dance moves and enjoy some great music then check out this class for sure!!!!

Amira Yagi - Google Review →

Great place to get your Bollywood cardio workout in by dancing to upbeat tunes, really friendly instructors! One of the very few Bollywood dance class in Houston with small classes and affordable membership fees.

Sushant Ahuja - Google Review →

I’m taking the adult Bollywood cardio class and absolutely love it! The energy and pace of the class is upbeat and gets the heart racing! They’re super motivating, even if you’re a beginner like me!

Irene Younan - Google Review →

I have recently joined bollycurves and started taking their yoga and dance fitness classes. I love their routines. Their sessions are well structured and cover all bases. Very professional. All covid precautions are taken. I appreciate what they do. Keep rocking you guys!

Rabin Joe - Google Review →

Good Music, Great Instructor, Intense workout, Amazing class.

Chisom Ogidi - Google Review →

I love bollycurves! I’ve only been a part of it for a couple of weeks and in the short amount of time i’ve been here i’ve learned so much! it’s an amazing workout class! A challenging but fun and energizing dance class to be in. The instructors are very passionate and dedicated in what they do. They do a great job motivating their students all the while making the class enjoyable. I definitely recommend!

Angelina Luke - Google Review →

I had my 4 year old son enrolled in the dance class. It was a good experience. The demo class was helpful in assessing our child's comfort level. He enjoyed his time with the dance classes.

Vijay Baweja - Google Review →

For my first time, it was a lot of fun! It was a good mixture of work out and Bollywood dance moves. The instructor was nice and energetic. She paid attention to us and corrected our posture frequently lol. Over all a lot of fun :) will defently  try again!

Clara Bell - Google Review →

Really easy to follow her steps. Leads you through it very well. I had never done Bollywood dance before, and she made it really fun and not intimidating. Great teacher!

Kendal Martinez- Google Review →

Wow she really keeps the mood going and motivation allowed me to take control of my body and life!

Jono Joseph - Google Review →

Mimi did a workout with us and she was great! She had all of us feeling good! Loved it!!

Karren Brown - Google Review →

Bollycurves is a good place to start your dance classes. There’s a lot of styles and it’s very fun. Mimi helps push us harder and work harder and makes the class very exciting.

Neha Varghese - Google Review →

Went to my first Bollycurves class today. It was not only a great workout, but it was fun too! It really exceeded my expectations. The instructor was very friendly and energetic. She really adjusts to how everyone in the class is doing

Reality Is An  Illusion - Google Review →

I was able to enjoy a workout experience with Bollyshape instructor Vismita and I must say, I had a wonderful time!

Saige C- Google Review →

Mimi is a great teacher with lots of talent and patience! She does a great job keeping my daughter focused and interacts well with the kids. My daughter  has learned with discipline and hardwork she can be a great dancer like Mimi.

Ann Jacob - Google Review →

Her ability to care  and help others is great. She has helped me increase my balance. She is very  nice love her class.

Pamela Stewart - Google Review →

Done an excellent job of keeping the studio in compliance with the COVID-19 recommendations. She has done a great job in pointing out and explaining details in dance to me. The most valuable tip I have learned from her is to look at my hands while I dance.

Abdullah Butt - Facebook Review →

Great place to workout and they are family owned!  It’s awesome to have a place great for kids Bollywood dance and cardio/yoga for adults nearby!  Both classes are full of energy and they are very passionate in what they do.  They did a great job motivating while always keeping it fun!  The instructors are very knowledgeable and attentive to body posture for a challenging workout.  Definitely recommend giving it a try!

RA Mathai - Google Review →

Happy to take my 8 year old daughter to her dance class every week, my daughter absolutely loves Bollycurves. Vismitha is an awesome teacher, her teaching improves my daughters dance moves every week. Highly recommend this place.

Mamatha Joseph - Google Review →

Great class and a great teacher! Fun to attend!

Anne Paul - Google Review →

This Bollywood fitness studio is so cute, convenient, and definitely a hidden gem in the Ford Bend area. I love the upbeat energy and the dance style of Mimi  (the Bollywood fitness instructor), as well as the small class sizes.

Houstonian GIRL - Google Review →

Loved the workout!  Super upbeat and definitely works up a sweat! They offer yoga and  dance-cardio, both are great but the dance cardio gets me pumped for my day.

Angel Escobedo - Google Review →

Want to get in shape and have fun while doing it ? Then this place will be perfect for you! Great Location! Great Environment! Fast Paced! Non Stop Dance & Cardio moves to great music to get your heart pumping and your body moving till you feel happy it’s finally all over but happy you made it through till next time! You definitely feel like you’ve had a solid work out but while having fun too!

Kathy Chaudhury - Google Review →

My 5 year old daughter increased her flexibility, and enjoyed learning a lot of dance moves! Thank you Bollycurves!

Jessen Rajan- Google Review →

Her energy is on 100. She's positive and has a contagious smile. The workout isn't too  strenuous either.

Jeremiah H. Randall - Google Review →

I highly recommend this class, the classes are fun and kids learn the techniques of dance. While learning Bollywood my daughter is also picking up some steps of classical dance. Teachers are dedicated and work on correcting the forms.

Neha Misra - Google Review →

This is my first yoga experience and I already fell in love with it! Get individual attention for the beginners.

Shincy Philip - Google Review →

The facilitator of the yoga exercise is amazing

Chelsey Hawkins - Google Review →

Great place!, I’m excited to learn! A family owned business, social distance dance lessons, private lessons available! I hope to share my dance once I’m finished!

Sheila Compton-Swirczynski - Facebook Review →

Mimi is a great instructor, the studio is clean and convenient, had good time there!

LB - Google Review →

My little one is enjoying his bollywood dance class. I absolutely recommended this place.

Rachana Modi - Google Review →

My daughter absolutely loves Bollycurves! The way Vismitha teaches improve my daughter's dance moves each week. Vismitha has the best energy when teaching and gives my daughter so much positive energy when dancing! Absolutely recommend this place!

Jimmy Thomas - Facebook Review →

Is an awesome yoga instructor. please come out and join us out here...I feel more energetic

Caprice Cunningham - Google Review →

Always pushing us to do better

Blessy Chacko - Google Review →

I had an amazing time learning some bollywood dance moves. I expected to  not sweat, but at the end of the session, I had my jacket off and beads of  sweat on my face. She has so much energy and patience that it was hard to not feel motivated. She's definitely not your average dance instructor.

Uchenna  Inoma - Google Review →

I came in for the complimentary yoga class, and I enjoyed the vibe on the studio.  Classes are kept small to make sure that the instructor can personally guide you through the motions and work around your physical restrictions. A good time!

TheEon - Google Review →

Mimi is amazing! Her energy gets everyone motivated to workout. We love having her here!

A. Kennedy Holt - Google Review →

Bollycurves is really good if you want to learn bollywood style dancing! The instructor is really kind and patient.

Urusa Ali - Google Review →

This was so fun!  Great way to keep active!

Kristi Hulsey - Google Review →

The best place to  go for a fun, energetic Bollywood dance session. Great cardio and awesome dance instructors!

Marz Benjamin - Google Review →

Bollycurves provides a great learning environment, their staff are very encouraging and supportive ...This studio is very motivating and inspiring for young dancers like me.

Arpita Shanker - Google Review →

Really good place to jumpstart your kids towards bollywood dances. Very detail oriented and my daughter does look forward to practices every week!! Highly recommend this place!!

Jobin - Google Review →

Great class! You get a real work out!! Great music and tons of fun. Would highly recommend to  check it out!

Pooja Nowlakha - Google Review →

A difference others will notice.

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