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Yoga for Stiff Muscles

Loosen up neck stiffness by stretching! Neck pain is a common complaint affecting millions of people all over the world. We all have experienced it at least once in our lifetime.

But if you have tingling, numbness, weakness of extremities please consult your doctor.

Neck and shoulder pain reduces productivity, be it at home or work. It reduces the quality of life, for self and loved ones around us.

To fix the problem, we need to know the source of the problem. Neck tightness is not just coming from your neck. So where does it come from? What do we do?

We all have experienced that nagging neck pain after a spending a day in front of the electronic devices.  It can be due to stress-physical or mental, anxiety, poor posture, repetitive neck movements, sleeping in wrong position, grinding teeth, injuries, and from many other causes.

We need to assess the neck(cervical, thoracic and even lumbar spine) and shoulders.  It has as lot to do with posture too. That means the sitting and standing posture needs to be assessed and addressed.  

We tend to breathe shallow when in pain, and also favor the area discomfort. This makes the situation worse. Using heat therapy is helpful to relax the muscles, but it gives a temporary relief. So, the problem is not taken care of. Rather a band aid is applied.

The muscle gets tighter and knots develop. This cycle repeats itself. The muscles try to pull the body back into alignment. Gradually, it becomes difficult to  do range of motion for routine work and makes the joint stiff. People seek medicines or rest. Neither if then is a solution. This leads to depression. And the cycle continues itself, giving birth to more health problems, reduced quality of life, unwanted expenses.

For neck and shoulder pain, yoga can help you feel and look better. All you need a yoga mat, and your willingness with a positive attitude. There is no need for expensive equipment.  

Research shows a few minutes of yoga and meditation can drastically improve overall health and the ability to cope with stress. Yoga and meditation helps to relieve stress and anxiety related neck and shoulder pain.

Yoga poses are so systematically created to target multiple muscles  from  different angles to get the most out of the time on mat. Bridge pose (sethubadhasana), thread the needle, gomukhasana (cow pose), dandasana(staff pose) to name a few.

Neck tension can be relieved by stretching the involved muscles, improving flexibility, relieving  pain and range of motion.

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