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Best Bollywood Dance Class in Houston

We provide the best Bollywood dance classes in Houston for everyone regardless of the experience. We believe anybody can dance.

In 2020, Bollycurves partnered with Daya Houston to raise money for South Asian survivors of domestic & sexual violence with one hour of Bollywood dance cardio.

Bollywood dance sends out a message. Indian dance is highly energetic and colorful. It teaches children discipline, brings them closer to the roots and community. It is HIIT that helps to build stamina and tone. It is a great combination of dance and exercise. It requires concentration and coordination to achieve perfection. Our Bollywood hip-hop dance classes have a lot to offer to the kids. Toddlers find it easier to adapt to any dance style. They grow with dance and embrace the culture. 

Looking for a Bhangra class in Houston? Bhangra is a traditional dance style from Punjab. Bhangra dance style is intense cardio for adults.

Families and friends dance together for private events, social events and weddings. This is a time of bonding and fun. Wedding dances are gaining popularity, when couples, mother-daughter, father-son dance together sharing a close bond. In recent decades, Mommy and Me dance has gained popularity. 

We provide Bollywood dance classes in Houston of different styles to all age groups, skill levels. We have class for everyone even if you have never danced before. 

Free auditions are done for all students. All dance class placements are done based on their skill level and learning pace. We focus on the students learning and understand the dance steps instead of learning multiple dances.

Our Bollywood dance classes are informal, full of fun, and shy kids make new friends.