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The Ultimate Guide to Renting a Dance Studio

Here are the things you should consider before renting a dance studio:

This one a major one. Make sure the dance studio you're renting has mirrors so your clients can see you and themselves at the same time. This makes a huge difference in the experience your client has working with you.

You're the only occupant:
Make sure there no one renting any other dance rooms in the studio. When other clients book rooms next to you, this increases the noise level throughout the studio. This can disrupt the class you're conducting especially if they're playing music. If you book a studio with other clients using a side room make sure the dance studio is soundproofed.

Agreement Terms:
When renting a dance studio, ask the studio for their policies. What's their rescheduling policy? What's their cancellation policy? Do they have flexible booking timings? Ask them for their restroom key so your client can use it without wasting any time. Do you need to bring your own speakers or can you use there's?

When renting a dance studio, watch out for whether the room is too big or too small. If it's too small, your students can't see themselves and will bump into each other during formations changes. If the studio is too big, it'll make your class look small and if you're recording it'll make the video look empty.

What can you use it for?
Some places only allow you to rehearse and not record. If you do plan on recording make sure they have natural lighting and artificial available. Try to bring back up lights and speakers just in case.

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