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Why break down the step instead of memorizing?

Why does it matter what dance studio you go to? Why does the teaching format of Bollywood dance matter?

A lot of times steps are just memorized rather than learned and understand the concept. That is the equivalent of memorizing the alphabet but having no clue how to use it to create words.

When you memorize the step, you skip over the details and the correct form. This is how sloppy dancers are made because there is a lack focus on being a clean dancer because the focus is on completion rather than knowledge. This is how the quality gets comprised.

At the end of every class, are you walking away with an understanding of the concept or memorized steps? You can see the difference between these two choices by watching the Bollywood dances you do.

Here’s the pros and con of memorizing vs breaking down the steps:

Breaking down the steps

Become a cleaner dancer.

Pick up steps faster in the future because you understand the detail and structure.

Walk away with skills on how to actually have the grace and structure of Bollywood dancer.

Improvement in coordination.

It takes longer to learn Bollywood dance.

You might get tired of hearing the same Bollywood song.

Memorizing the steps

Know more Bollywood dances.

Finish dances quicker.

Sloppy performance.

Lack real Bollywood dance skills.

Lack the understanding of what clean Bollywood dance looks like

Anybody can dance but only a few can dance clean. That's the difference between memorizing steps versus breaking the steps down.

Breaking down the steps will allow you to learn the concept behind Bollywood dance. Memorizing the steps is just movement without intention also known as a waste of time.

Is your child learning or just memorizing Bollywood dance step?

If you’re not sure, try a free Bollywood dance class on us and we’ll be happy to guide on the steps to become a better Bollywood dancer.