Yoga Therapy at Your pace

Our small classes and experienced teachers ensure that you make progress rather than run through poses.

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What's a Yoga Therapy class like?

Flexibility is not required to practice yoga, only your willingness.

After one 50 min yoga session, you will notice a greater range of motion and increased energy.

Improve your balance, build strength, and stamina. Walk away with tips to practice at home. 

Our small classes allow for better student-instructor interaction.


Modified just for you

We don't rush through poses. The focus is not on how fast you do, but how well you do. Each pose is modified to your abilities, injuries, and individual needs.

"I love the yoga class! Our instructor guides us through the different poses in a clear and helpful way.  She is interested in helping us modify poses based on our abilities and she adjusts her teachings to accommodate a specific need."

Joanne Gore - Google Review →

small classes

Feels like a private lesson

Small classes allow us to focus on your body alignment, posture, and transitioning from one pose to the other.

"I came in for the complimentary yoga class, and I enjoyed the vibe on the studio. Classes are kept small to make sure that the instructor can personally guide you through the motions and work around your physical restrictions. A good time!"

TheEon - Google Review →

functional poses

Purposeful Movements

Yoga doesn’t have to be about fancy poses. We focus on poses to make your daily activities easier.

"Has really helped me with my sciatica. The experience was so good ... really enjoy it too"

Prestean Hicks - Google Review →

immediate results

Feel the after-effects

Each class starts off by addressing your problematic areas. After each session, you will walk away with increased range of motion, decreased pain and muscle spasm, and alleviation of your symptoms.

"Her ability to care and help others is great. She has helped me increase my balance. She is very nice love her class."

Pamela Stewart - Google Review →

Tell us about yourself. We're good listeners.

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