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How to do a backbend

Began with a few back stretches.
Supine Twist:

Lay down on the floor with your back on the ground. Lift your right leg and bring it across your body, Β perpendicular to your left leg. Repeat on the left side.

Cat/Cow Pose:
Get on all fours. Draw your belly to the floor rounding your spine to a "U" shape. Bring your spine to an "N" shape and draw belly to the celling.

Seated spinal stretch:
Sit down and extend your legs. Bend your right knee and place your right leg across your left leg. Take your left hand and place it on the side of your right knee and turn your torso. Repeat on the left side.

If you're having trouble with these stretches, yoga's a great way to gain flexibility.

How to do a backbend:
Began by standing with your back facing one -foot away from the wall. Extend your arm straight in front of you with your wrist bent and your fingers pointing to the ceiling.

Bend your elbows until to palms hit the wall. Drop your neck back while engaging your core. Walk your hands down the wall until you touch the ground. As you're doing this, it is essential to walk your legs out to create space for your back to bend.

If you're having trouble getting low and bend your back, walk your hands as low as you can and hold that position for 15 seconds. Try getting lower every 15 seconds while taking breaks as needed.

Try doing a backbend while your laying on the ground to build strength.

It won't happen in one day so try practice a little bit every day to prevent injuries or excess tension on your spine.

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