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What is Bharatanatyam?

Bharatanatyam classes in Houston

Bharatanatyam class in Houston

Bharatanatyam is the oldest classical dance form originating from Tamil Nadu, India.

It’s known for detailed hand movements depicted through sign language (Mudras) and disciplined footwork consisting of a half squat (Aramandi).

Fun Fact: Bharatanatyam was preformed throughout temples in the 19th century but the British government banned it cause a large protest causing Bharatanatyam dance to flourish outside of temples.

Bharatanatyam portrays stories that typically carry religious themes and messages. Throughout the centuries, Bharatanatyam became modernized and now carries messages that are secular and non-religious.

Bharatanatyam of the most disciplined and strict dance styles.

Oddly, one of the most common questions we get is am I too old or too young to start learning Bharatanatyam? The answer is no. You're never too old or too young to learn Bharatanatyam .

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