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How to do Bollywood Dance

Here's a secret on how to do Bollywood dance in 2 min. It consists of one step with three movements.

You want to begin with your feet parallel. Starting off with your dominant foot, start by doing a small lift like nice and firm. Now go ahead and add a bend your knees. You don't want it to turn to a full squat.

Now go ahead and combine the 1st and 2nd steps. Step and bend at the exact same time. Now, we're going to go ahead and lift our opposite leg. So what you're going to do is going to lift it up creating a right angle and a nice straight ankle and pointed toes. Combine those three movements. So it's going to be a step then and then coming back to a neutral position bend your knees and then lift your other leg.

Step, bend, lift. Step, bend, lift. Step, bend, lift.

Now you’re going want to start getting into a faster pace so step. Go at it full swing. Feel free to add your hips in.

Here's why this is secret to Bollywood dance. Once you've perfected the leg movements, add in any hand movement and it’ll look like you know how to do Bollywood dance.

The key to Bollywood dance is confidence and enjoying yourself. Bollywood dance does not have any true forms or rules so it’s one of the easiest dances to learn. Try a free Bollywood dance class at a place of comfortable, zero judgment and that goes at your pace.