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How to be a confident/better dancer

Good posture
Even in real life having good posture plays a huge roll in being confident. You may not feel confident, but everyone will think you are.

Good posture in Bollywood dance consists of shoulders rolled back, straight back, chin up and chest out.

The first step to everything difficult is faking it to make it.

Have an attitude
Your expression is everything. Think about it, the only way to read someone’s emotion physically, is through their facial and body expressions. Live in the song and make your expression big. How? I’m glad you asked. Lip sync the words, wink here and there, drop an attitude, move your eyebrows, and last but not least smile. Make your steps big. Bollywood big.

Sometimes not being unison is better
What does this mean? Everyone has a different style so sometimes the way you do move looks different and guess what? That’s completely okay. Don’t worry about looking like everyone else, no ones pay attention to what's common. Be unique and embrace the way you look and that goes for real life too. Its okay to be different, in fact its actually better.

And if you mess up the audience can’t actually tell, as long as you don’t make an expression that you messed up.

The only thing stopping you from becoming better is the fear of others judgement and excuses.